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Childrens home Pokhara nepal 2013 – 2016

The first project of Wacalea was in Pokhara, Nepal. With the initiator were good contacts from the start. Wacalea is party founded because of the close connection of multiple boardmembers with the people involved in this project.

In the slums of Pokhara, the ‘Peace Child Home’ was founded after the civil war by Binod Kumar for the care of orphans. Currently around twenty-five orphans are being cared for. The problem for the orphanage was that the rent  was getting higher and higher. As a result, it took more and more effort to meet the children’s basic needs. Clean drinking water could not always be supplied, for food there was little money and school supplies and clothes could often simply not be purchased. To solve this problem structurally, it was Binod’s ambition to buy a piece of land and build a new and better orphanage there. Because the land would then be theirs, there would be no high (rising) costs for the rent and more money would be available for food, drinking water, clothing and other facilities for the children.

Since his ambitions were fully in line with our objectives and the icontactwas great, we raised money to make the purchase of a piece of land and the construction of the new orphanage possible. As a result, not only the living situation of the orphans and Binod’s family has improved, but above all a foundation has been laid on which they can continue to build themselves.

In the autumn of 2014 a piece of land was purchased. The land is in a better neighborhood than the slum, there is more space and peace. In the summer of 2015, work began on the construction of the new orphanage. In the spring of 2016, the construction of the orphanage was completed and Binod, Sumitra and the children moved in.

All activities related to the orphanage are accommodated within the Peace Child Orphanage Pokhara Nepal foundation with which we work together.