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Water supply for children’s home and surroundings in Nepal 2019


Since 2012, Wacalea has been working well with Binod Kumar. Binod was the inspiration for the first project of Wacalea, building a new children’s home on their own land. Thanks to Binod’s hard work and the support of Wacalea, the children’s home is now stable and Binod can focus on other parts, such as building a watersupply, providing higher education for his (orphan) children and awareness programs for training and trafficking in Western Nepal. Wacalea wants to support him because he inspires and acts from 1 foundation: helping the people of Nepal.

The “new” children’s home is located in an environment where there is no water supply.

Water must be purchased at least four times a week. This is then brought by a truck and pumped into large barrels from where it is used. This costs 140 euros per month. As a result, there is a great dependence on the organization that sells the water. Bind has tried to realize a connection to the water supply regulated by the government. Unfortunately, this is not possible for the next five years at least. That is why he now wants to realize a water supply that not only benefits the residents of the children’s home, but also about 30 other families in the neighborhood. This means that 100 meters must be drilled into the ground to install a water pump. Costs for the materials, the manpower and the connection are about 12,000 euros. You will find details below.

This water supply in the district has several advantages for the orphanage. That way they are no longer dependent on the organization that sells the water. It happens too often that the water organization does not come when necessary and the children are without water for a certain time. In addition, it provides a financial improvement for the children’s home in two ways. To begin with, the costs go down because the water does not have to be purchased from an external organization. In addition, Binod can make the water available from its own water supply for a fee to residents in the district.


Particular Piece Price NPR Euro
1 2 way pipe 100 2500 250000 2136
2 Powerful motor 2 100000 200000 1709
3 Water tank 10000 liter 1 350000 350000 2991
4 Labor charge with digging machine down from 70 feet 1 500000 500000 4273
5 Extra materials 1 100000 100000 854
Total 1400000 11965,82

Mission of Peace Child HOme

This is how BInod describes himself the mission of the childrens home.

Mission of Peace Child Home