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Wat doen wij collage

What are we doing?

We support locally initiated small-scale projects. We prefer to do this by a warm contact, a resident of a country that we know ourselves. So we do not say how something should be done, but we support plans that we think are good and smart that have already been started by local people. This can be anywhere in the world. We support initiatives that have a lasting effect in improving lives. For instance, projects that are about safety, a stable living environment or the development of children and adults. We collect money, knowledge and when required, we can mediate for volunteers. The projects that we set up are funded by sponsors and donations. By setting a target amount, sponsors and donors can contribute to a project in various ways and together they ensure that the total amount is raised. In cooperation with the local initiators, we can develop a tailor-made care concept. We teach the local population what the care concept is, how they can implement, maintain and repeat the care concept. We believe it is important to work in a future-oriented way and to give children and adults who live in an unsafe and / or unstable environment, the tools to build up a dignified existence and to continue in their own environment and culture. We as Wacalea are happy to contribute to this and hope to support even more local and small-scale projects with your help and contribution in the future!