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25 juni 2020 - Geen reacties

In the coming weeks you will hear from our nepali friends. This week they share why tourists should come to Nepal after the lockdown.

“As always, the underlying natural, cultural and historical beauty of Nepal is the major attraction that captivates people towards the trip to Nepal. Amid this pandemic, the movement has been almost to zero level and these perpetual resources have revitalized themselves and have been more striking. The skies, mountains, trail and the nature: all have been much beautiful than before and are more than ready to welcome the wonderful travelers from around the world. Also, our guides and supporters who have been stranded in home during this time frame have enlightened themselves more and are waiting very enthusiastically to welcome and help the people get lost with the amazing beauty, history and a lot more. In a point, all the factors of tourism: directly and indirectly, are eager to welcome the travelers and make this trip a memorable, refreshing and rejuvenating” (contactperson in Kathmandu Valley)


“Nepal is the land of the Himalayas which offers plenty of travel options due to it’s breath taking adventurous activities, massive mountains and natural beauty. You will find a great variation in landscape ranging from jungles, lakes and mountains. And the local people are very friendly. You will never regret exploring Nepal, even after the pandemic of corona virus.” (contactperson in Pokhara)

“Travelers should come to Nepal because they will get refreshed when they visit Nepal because Nepal is unique with it’s natural beauty and it’s resources.” (owner Homestay in Pokhara)

“Nepal has always been a place of wonderland in terms of nature and its beauty. Despite of the hard situation the world is facing, Nepal is always happy to welcome guests in the homeland. The beauty, the people, the wild, the culture and everything are as mesmerising as they were before. People should definitely visit Nepal when situation gets normal.” (contactperson in Kathmandu)


“Nepal is even more beautiful now. There are many tiny businesses that people rely on which needs to run to survive”. (owner guesthouse in Kathmandu)


“Nepal is a safe country and here most of people use natural food direct form farm. Nepal is also very beautiful country and cheap and safe to travel in” (owner yoga retreat center)


“Nepal is a country that offers countless unforgettable impressions – magnificent nature and fascinating culture. It is a country with bright colours, exotic smells and unique sounds. It is a country with smiling and friendly people, who are already looking forward to welcoming the guests from all over the world again. We miss you all very much!” (owner trekking agency in Pokhara)


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